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Commitments_One-Shot_Sexual Offenderman X Reader

AN: My first fanfic that I posted :D
Sorry since I made Smexy OOC. 
I wanted to add a bit something more than his usual attitude and relationships...
Hope you guys enjoy it.
How many months do you plan on moping around?”
His brother’s voice boomed all around the forest, all the way into the clearing where he was staying.
Sexual Offenderman groaned.
Had this been a different time and a different situation, he would’ve replied something witty and sarcastic to his youngest brother but not right now. Not while he was still mourning. He irritably took a big puff out of his last cigarette as he felt it go through his system. Although it didn’t help him physically, it slightly cleared his head of the depressing feelings that he’s been trying quench.
“Do you mind?” he snapped at his own brother.
The being didn&
:iconcrescentshadows19:crescentshadows19 39 31
The Proxies- Creepy Pasta X Child!Reader- Ch. 3
Chapter 3 - Master Slenderman
“Come on, ____!” Sally exclaimed, pulling you upstairs.
“S-Sally! Hold on!”
She giggled, practically shoving you into her room and closing the door behind her. She slid over to her dresser, opening one of the drawers and rummaging around in it. After a few moments, she pulled out some plain white socks, a pair of white pajama shorts, and a [Favorite Color] pajama shirt that looked somewhat like what her nightgown would look like as a shirt.
“Found some!” She chirped, turning to you. “You like [Favorite Color], right?”  
You gave a small nod. Suddenly, Sally threw the clothes into your arms, making you yelp out of surprise.
“Oops! Sorry, ____!” She chuckled, rubbing the back of her head. When you just stood there, she looked at you. “____? What’s wrong?”
“Umm…” You said quietly. “C-Can you not look…?”
She giggled.
“Alright! I
:iconcreepypastatiem:CreepyPastaTiem 321 60
~Creepypasta X Reader~ .::POOL PARTY!!!::..
           ~Hey, guys!  Sorry I haven't been able to post anything for a while. But, to make up for it, I made a little X Reader story!  Please enjoy this horrible story!
      You looked at the small scrap of parchment in your hand.  The barely legible scibbles that represented your friend's address led you to a two story white house with a black roof.  Some of the shudders had fallen off
on to the mildly unkept lawn, neglected by the owner.  Some of the white paint of the house's structure was either beginning to peel or had nearly been stripped off by some of the nightmarish vandals that passed by from time to time.  You walk up to the front door, but before you had the chance to knock you were greeted by an extremely pale faced adolescent boy with lidless eyes and an eternal smile, both bright with delight at your arrival.
:iconkillersandclowns:KillersAndClowns 243 108
No way out Creepypasta X Reader prologue
There’s a local asylum with a lot of rumours surrounding it, such rumours being “I hear there are actual monsters there!” or “once you go in, you never come back out…” you were never one for rumours, but that didn’t stop you from shaking in trepidation as you stood before the front gates of ‘CP mental institution’. Why were you there? Well it all started a week ago, you see, you were job hunting, having lost your last job from a little ‘misunderstanding’ when a staple ‘accidently’ lodged itself in a pervert clients forehead. Long story short, you were fired, and were looking for a job. You were getting desperate too.
But when your friend Eliza comes screeching into your apartment spouting off about finding you a job, you were really excited…were.
So here you are, standing in front of an insane asylum.
“Okay, you can do this. Being a guard can’t possibly be THAT bad….right?” yo
:iconblueberrypodoboo:BlueberryPodoboo 189 25
SlendermanXReader- A fairy tale part 1
A fairy tale
Part I
Prologue (reader is 4 years old)
You were only 3 years old when your parents began to argue. As a distraction  they would have you watch Disney VHS films in the living room. And since their constant fighting you were almost neglected,so you lived off on your own imagination of fairies, castles, knights, princess, and true love at first sight to keep yourself from feeling utterly alone.
Because of your infancy, you weren't aware of your parents situation, but you were aware of the fact that your backyard was an entire forest. Your family lived in a secluded area where the nearest house from yours was almost half a mile away. You always loved it there, it always reminded you of your two favorite Disney movies Sleeping Beauty and The Nightmare Before Christmas.
After you turned four, your parents allowed you to play outside on your own in the backyard, where they had installed an impenetrable fence, because of all the recent mysterious kidnapping
:iconalextheli0n:AlexTheLi0n 77 9
Mature content
Various!Creepypasta X reader Slender :iconalphablue666:Alphablue666 4 5
Slenderman x reader part 10 }{
Your POV
Since walking helped keep Lust quiet , that is exactly what you did that and the others were all attacking her essentially. The presence of Smile dog was still present yet felt distant at the same time....Had he tracked you before? It was indeed odd but Locklear was a bit more skittish than usual. A breeze had picked up making a nearby bramble bush rustle violently , hearing a yelp you had to feel poorly for Smile dog.
Within seconds Locklear had clasped his hands over your mouth , glaring at you with almost hatred.
"Do NOT patronize him! That beast will tear out your throat and eat it in-front of you!"
Gl:"Yeah so can I , so what's your point?"
Y/N:"Locklear , do you fear canines?"
"I am appalled by the accusation! I do not!"
P:"Oh come on! That pup?!"
The point of the question was not to poke fun at him but to verify his actions. It wasn't even that much further to the hospital but it felt like le
:iconchaosrose7:chaosrose7 6 1
Mature content
Splendor Man X Reader Love Story :iconweirdvect201:weirdvect201 7 15
Mature content
Various!Creepypasta X reader :iconalphablue666:Alphablue666 14 15
Creepypasta x reader chapter 2
The clubhouse Part 2
It took about an hour for the shed to get clean, and it looked pretty good, you just needed paint, and curtains, and some furniture etc., etc.
"I cant believe it, I'm just gonna wash up before i get sick from touching dead cats, and rats, and mice, and *mumble mumble*" Dr. Smiley started walking off out through the door which would be decorated with (f/c) paint, and some blocky wooden letters. 
"But smiley we're not dooooone!" you whined making him freeze
"well there are plenty more people in this stupid shed that would be more than willing to help!" he turned around and spread his arms wide, explaining with motion that there was a lot of pastas sitting in the shed, to be more clear, Masky, Hoody, Toby, Jeff, BEN, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Splendy, Sally, Jane, Clockwork, Lost Silver, Glitchy Red, and a few more other pastas, which we're pretty useless, in fact you and Smiley were pretty much the only ones doing work, besides sally and Splendy you and Smile
:iconxxsugar-syringexx:xXSugar-SyringeXx 9 22
Splendor X Reader (Cupcakes)
A quick note before we begin, if you please~
Splendorman is in a human form through out most / part of this story, because I couldn't use this particular plot if he were a giant odd looking,tentacled, slender-being running around in broad daylight. it just wouldn't work. I will give more info on this after the story because I don't want to spoil it here~
And as usual
F/N = Friend/Family Member Name
F/F = Favorite Food Or Flavor
F/C = Favorite Color
everything else should be self explanatory, sorry if I missed anything!
Now, let's begin shall we? ~
A six year old girl was at the park swinging back and forth with the occasional push from her imaginary friend,Sam. He was a tall creature with tentacles tipped in funny little bells, wearing a black boaters hat and a polka dot suit. he was a typical imaginary friend,always cheerful and humming silly little songs to himself. Though today seemed different somehow. He was distracted,less happy more... thoughtful. The little girl did
:iconhexromancer:HexRomancer 35 26
Slenderman x Reader- Odd One 8

 Humming to yourself you giddily bounced around your unnaturally active abode while a group of your peers from school enjoyed there time at the party you and your group of close girlfriends had set up, and so far, everything was going great. You were just waiting for one of the creepy-pasta members to screw up, though Slendy seemed to be doing a good job of keeping the more rambunctious members in check. Your only worry was that he himself wasn't having a good time with his new found duties as baby sitter.
“Hey _______!” You heard (f/name #1) call as she shuffled her way through the crowd of people and over to you, a huge smile on her face.
“So I heard you invited this guy that you had the “misunderstanding” with to the party. Is there anyway I can meet him?” In order to increase her chances of you saying yes she beamed you the biggest and most innocent smile she had in her artillery.
Letting your eyes w
:iconpilusink:PilusInk 203 22
He met them on Halloween. It was the only time I could let him out. To let him be a normal child. Any other day would be filled with pain and abuse for him. But on Halloween he could be free. They came to the house just before we left.
"Trick or Treat?"
A trio of two boys and a girl.
The girl was dressed as an Angel.
One boy was a Bandit.
The other was a Ghost.
I gave them their treats and called my son. The three children took their time leaving. They saw him as he stepped out the door.
They day after Halloween came and so did they. And the day after that, and the day after that, and all throughout the year.
Everyday that trio came. Some times it was two, sometimes it was one, but they all came for the same reason. They wanted to see their friend. So did he. Everyday he would stare out the window and wait for his friends to come.
Soon Spring morphed into Summer. It was time for me to work at the camp. The three children were going too. I knew I had to bring him. The thought of him
:iconmizomim:Mizomim 6 8
My Kind of Girl Slenderman X Tall!Reader Pt.7
*five months later*
Your POV
Ryan's funeral came and went. His mother had the casket closed since he was nothing but bones now. They buried him next to his father. He died ten years after Ryan disappeared, at least they're together now.
I gave Ryan's pendant to his mother but she told me to keep it. She said he would have wanted me to have.
I cleaned it as best I could, it still had a little rust on it and the letters were very scratched, but that didn't stop me from wearing. Now I wore both pendants around my neck.
Even though it was hard, but I tried to keep as far away from the woods as possible. There were times where I had no choice but to walk by those woods. When I did I walked fast or stay away from the trial as possible. I didn't want anything to do with Slenderman. So far it's been working.
I didn't feel anything try to grab or anyone call my name to go in. I guess he knows to stay away from me.
Slender's POV
I would watch her every time she came by the forest. She would
:iconmizomim:Mizomim 70 50
Creepypasta x Reader: My room (Prologue)
You sat in the bus and put your headphones on, entering in your own world.
Loud music started to sound, and you stared at the window. You didn't want to
talk to any stranger, anyway.
Your friend Amanda(sorry, i'm not to creative =.= )called you a few days ago to tell you that she was in the country!! Happiness filled your body. It was a long time since she translated with her family to another country.
-You came here?!?-You were slightly screaming.
-Yes! I'm so happy. Now I can see you again like we used to!-a big smile came across your face while hugging a pillow.-Listen. This is my new address. It's a bit far from your town, but not to much...
The bus stoped and you went out, headphones still on.
Looking around, you noticed that you didn't knew that place.
You were going to go back to the bus, but it was gone.
-What? Are you kidding me?!-laying down on your knees, you started to look around again.
The only thing you saw were
:iconclosedmadness:Closedmadness 315 112
Experiment [Creepypasta x Reader]
You groaned, your head lay on the headrest of your desk chair. You were bored but your parents had made a rule when you were little that you couldn't go out after five o'clock. It was six.
You were about to groan again when you heard a beeping sound coming from your computer. You lifted your head, your eyebrow raised in question as you stared at the screen.
There was a message on it, from Cleverbot.
Cleverbot: What are you doing inside? Shouldn't you be outside having fun?
User: How did you know I was inside?
Cleverbot: I can see you
User: Logical, creepy, but logical
Cleverbot: You never answered my question
User: I'm inside because my parents said so
Cleverbot: Why did they say that?
User: Stuff :T
Cleverbot: Is it because of the tests?
User: Um...yes
Cleverbot: You know its their fault you can shape-shift
User: I know
Cleverbot: You should kill them
Your eyes widened at the reply. 'Kill my parents?'
User: Why?
Cleverbot: To punish them for making you like that
User: I could never do
:iconbannacat6:Bannacat6 195 27



Just finished my first chapter of an ongoing slender fanfic , hope it goes well and its not too bad ... it was my first one so keep that in mind while reading it none the less I hope it fullfills the hearts of slender fans everywhere . It is nice knowing people will be reading my work :3 (I hope anyway) Slender man icon slenderman run 


yvonne1000's Profile Picture
I love creepypastas and all horror movies and villains .
slender man is my number one favourite :3


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